How Lightbody Creates Supplements for The Modern Digital Lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle is heavily dominated by technology, with the average American spending roughly 12 hours per day on digital devices for both work and leisure. Prolonged use has been associated with adverse symptoms in both children and adults, such as stress, anxiety, dry eyes, vision loss, fatigue, digestive problems, and more.

Due to the relatively recent introduction of technologies such as the smartphone, it will be years before scientific studies can assess the true impact to overall health that digital devices and electromagnetic field (EMF) signals are causing. Younger people are particularly at risk, considering that Generations Z and Alpha have spent their whole lives exposed to technology, going back to when they were still in the womb.

The detrimental effects of digital devices were what led Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein to found Lightbody, a woman-owned company that creates nutritional supplements for our modern digital lifestyles. Lightbody is pioneering the concept of Digital Wellness to help people improve their resilience to the daily assault of digital toxins through diet, supplementation, and making lifestyle changes such as managing their tech use.

“We want to make Digital Wellness a mainstream concept and pillar of health, adding to the already-established knowledge of having to eat, sleep, and exercise well. Digital Wellness includes being mindful of your radiation and blue light exposure, as well as the mental health effects of technology and its stimulating and addictive content. This is especially important for our children and the younger members of the family,” Ribeiro says.

Both Ribeiro and Klein are executives of DefenderShield, an e-commerce wellness company specializing in equipment that shields people from the harmful effects of EMF and 5G radiation. They surveyed the market and found that existing supplements were not addressing Digital Wellness and our modern, toxin-filled lifestyles. They found that existing options were unable to address these in a holistic way and on a cellular level.

To help people become more resilient, not only to digital toxins, but to all environmental toxins that have massively increased in recent years, Lightbody created a line of supplements that addresses various aspects of modern overall wellness. The supplements include:

- Total Eye Health + Blue Light Filter Supplement – a visual health and performance antioxidant formula that contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Maqui berry, and Lycopene. Their unique and concentrated blend supports macular and retinal resilience, filters UV and blue light, and helps the body minimize the effects of occasional dry eye, redness, and strain.

- Cellular Resiliency Multivitamin – contains a daily blend of 23 essential micronutrients and super effective antioxidants for optimal immune support, cellular energy, and whole body health.

- Ultra DHA / EPA Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels – contain extremely concentrated and pure essential fatty acids with the highest DHA & EPA bioavailability, and are IFOS-certified to have minimal contaminants or oxidation. They help maintain a healthy inflammatory system, support cognitive function and healthy aging, support the immune system, and support the integrity and resiliency of the cell membrane.

- Total Gut Health Prebiotic + Probiotic – stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria with Preforpro®, a novel bacteriophage blend that optimizes digestion and nutrient uptake. Organic turkey tail adds antioxidants and immune support, while DE111, a clinically-tested lactic acid-supporting probiotic spore survives the entire intestinal tract to promote balanced microbial populations.

- Total Stress Support – contains a unique form of organic ashwagandha extract that promotes a relaxed mindset, enhances feelings of well-being and supports healthy cortisol and stress levels, while promoting brain health and clarity.

Lightbody worked together with expert formulators, clinicians, and biologists to create supplements that contain the highest amount of antioxidants and other ingredients to support a healthy inflammatory response, as well as the lowest possible level of contaminants and impurities.

“We created a range of supplements that targets different parts of the body to help our cells become more resilient because the human body hasn't evolved yet to handle the modern stressors that we encounter in today's environment,” Ribeiro says.

To help parents and children, the most vulnerable population, understand the importance of Digital Wellness, Ribeiro and Klein have authored a soon-to-be-published children’s book titled Henry’s Tech-Free Trip: A Family Adventure. The book addresses the importance of using digital devices mindfully to protect overall health, and is based on Ribeiro's own conversations with her two young sons.

Lightbody seeks to expand its product lineup, eventually looking to introduce products that are specifically targeted at women, as well as increasing the sustainability of its formulations, packaging, and business operations.

“One of the core principles of Lightbody is holistic health – that the entire body is interconnected on a cellular level. In the same way, all people are interconnected with each other and that of our planet, our energies, and our health, which are all dependent on each other. We don't want a product that's toxic to the body, similar to how we don't want a product that's toxic to the environment. It all comes full circle,” Klein says.