Tips for oral care

Tips for oral care

Oral hygiene is one of the most important considerations when it comes to personal health. A great number of germs and other foreign bodies can access your body via this orifice, so it's of the utmost importance to keep it as clean as possible.

An oral irrigator is perfect for the job. So how do these gadgets actually work? Basically, an oral irrigator provides your mouth with its very own jet wash. Pressurized water is aimed at its target, cleaning unwanted plaque, as well as other food particles that might be lodged between the teeth, and also around the margin where your teeth meet the gums.

Irrigators are sometimes known as water jets, for obvious reasons. They are most popular for those of us who struggle to get the task done with toothpaste and flossing alone.

Counter top water irrigator

This type of irrigator is mains-powered. They will contain extensive reservoirs of water for the task, meaning that they are suitable for multiple uses. The irrigator's large reservoir is connected to the handle by a flexible tube. The flow of the irrigator is managed by a setting on the irrigator, which can be adjusted. Similarly, a button on the handle can help to control the rate of water flow.

Cordless water irrigator

These units are built with a re-chargeable battery, and the reservoir is built into the gadget's handle. They are equally as powerful as the counter top water irrigators, but they tend to have fewer adjustable parameters. This means that they are not quite as reliable as the counter top water irrigators. Where these machines really come into their own is in bathrooms that don't have a dedicated shaver socket. They are also ideal for anyone who has to travel a lot.

There are a variety of irrigators on the market. Some have large enough reservoirs to get that mouth rinsed for four separate uses. With up to 10 pressure controls and as many as six different styles of tips, these are often quite rightly regarded as the ultimate in luxurious water flossers. Most of these units have been upgraded to work on British shaver sockets.

Nano versions are useful because they are so cost effective. One advantage of these smaller, more compact irrigators is that they are much quieter than their more powerful counterparts. Although they have fewer controls, they are very flexible for bathroom use, coming with a to-pin shaver plug.

Air Floss irrigators are relatively new in the market, but one particular model that is already making a name for itself is the Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8111/2. Philips are quite rightly regarded as purveyors of quality products, and this one is no exception. It uses a type of patented technology know as ‘microburst', which is extremely effective at delving into the gaps between teeth; and between teeth and gums. This is also a cost-effective irrigator as it only requires a fraction of the fluid, compared to other irrigators.

They are popular because the low volume of water means you don't suffer from excess water trickling from your mouth. Its affordability means that you can also afford to splash out on your favourite mouthwash.